It is a rare disease and occurs mainly in greatly debilitated children. Blanks prescribed by the board, accompanied by evidence of good moral I cbaracter and two unmounted pliotographs of the applicant. W., carcinoma of the esophagus with perforation of the Hanford, J. I see before me many of our older Fellows who in previous years have nobly earned exemption from further public service. It is more impaired in the arms than in the legs, especially in the right arm. It modifies in some unexplained, and perhaps inexplicable, manner the nerve tissue and under its use the laryngismus stridulus, which is almost always associated with rickets, is relieved, and the deposit of the phosphates in the urine is diminished, being diverted to their physiological destination, namely the bones. Founri under the upper lid and easily seen and rcluoveil. If, then, during a malarial attack we examine the blood, and find decolorized red corpuscles in which a parasite is undergoing segmentation into fourteen to sixteen parts, we can say with positiveness that the fever is tertian; while if there are but seven or eight segments we can diagnose with equal positiveness quartan fever. The powdered form is the most reliable, but it cannot be sold in small quantities.

Then the disease has disappeared. The first issue will contain the material of the January, February and March number, and after this monthly issues will continue as heretofore. It is alfo liable to occur with a fudden and unexpected increafe of fortune. The experiments of Sherrington indicate that we must try to overcome the inspissation of the blood, and so relieve a circulation embarrassed from this and other causes, by the addition of fluid.

As a matter of fact, too many parents are themselves ignorant and others have a fear that a morbid curiosity will induce the girl to do the very thing she is warned against.

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The Charity, being' UNENDOWED, is dependent on Donations, Annual Subscriptions, and Legacies; CONTRIBUTIONS are therefore earnestly solicited in aid of both objects. Its final positive location at this point was determined by means of an induction balance designed coils about four inches in diameter, and one-half an inch in thickness, of insulated copper wire, a battery, a condenser, an interrupter, and a telephone. In conclusion, just a word about the ladies. It is very likely that it comprises several groups of closely allied disease processes which in the present state of our knowledge Thus summing up the position assumed by Kraepelin, we are reduced to the consideration of two groups of cases, the one a comparatively large assemblage of so called secondary paranoias or paranoid forms of dementia prascox, showing the typical intellectual deterioration, the disorder of attention, and blunting of the emotional tone with more or less systematized delusional formation; and a still narrower and numerically smaller group in which the delusional formation is unaccompanied by the other attributes of intellectual impairment. S- ESS Mestera, Lnclln H Tbocotown., Sbelburne. And after the purge has operated four or five times, an opiate is to be given, if the pain continues, confuting of two grains of opiuni.

In fact, it may be used where any instrument of precision or of treatment is apt to cause error, inconvenience or harm by pain or sensibility. There are many other things that might at times be needed, but such an array of material can not be carried on all occasions, so that which is the most necessary should be given The baby in its first toilet should have the eyes cleansed with boracic acid solution and in suspected cases a drop of a one or two per cent nitrate of silver solution should be dropped into each eye. Because of the patient's age atiRl the swollen lymphatic glands the suspicion arose that the disease might be of malignant nature. In the later stage, if fluid form, the treatment to be adopted will be decided according to the nature of the fluid, as shown by the exploratory needle. He passed mucus and blood occasionally, and suffered from severe pain in his back and left iliac region, which was so severe at times as to prevent his working. The child was well throughout. By Professor of Pathology, University of This little book is intended for medical students, hospital internes and INFECTIONS OF THE HAND.

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